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Hand Chain Hoist 5000 kg

  • Hand Chain Hoist | 5 ton
  • Hand Chain Hoist | 5 ton
  • Hand Chain Hoist | 5 ton
  • Hand Chain Hoist | 5 ton

Kettingtakel | 5 ton

€ 307,24
Kettingtakel | zonder overlastbeveiliging | 5 ton


The Liftinggear-shop chain hoists are qualitatively the best that are currently for sale on the European market. First, The chain hoist is very smooth to operate.The required power (up to 21 kg) minimum stays by a sophisticated transmission. Chain hoists with a heavy operation hide a lesser quality chain hoist which do the work instead of the chain hoist. Furthermore, the chain hoist hoist on galvanized chain, hardened pocketed wheel, chain guide rollers instead, sturdy molded valves (instead of a tin cover). All axles are mounted, metal powder coated housing. Swiveling lower hook- and top hook. A rock-solid chain hoist for years of professional hoisting fun. Liftinggear-Shop provides this chain hoists with the desired chain length from stock (default is 3 m. + 2 m. Height control).